Rainbows in Spring!

Paris Fashion Week 2014, Chanel displayed their rainbow collection on the runway and everyone stood in awe. Since then the world has gone rainbow mad and we’ve not looked back.

Not one to ignore a trend, Heat Treats has stocked up on a vibrant range of rainbow stock to brighten up a rainy day or dull evening. 

From snuggly unicorns to stunning dressing gowns, there's something for everyone to get the rainbow kick they need in the upcoming months!

We have a varied range of beautiful rainbow stock this season - take a look! 

Rainbow range here.

Here are some of the most unusual rainbow facts we know, one for every colour of the rainbow!

  • Rainbows have origins in ancient civilisations.

Romans and Greeks believed that they were paths created by the goddess ‘Iris’ to link us to the immortals.

In Latin they were called arcus pluvius, meaning ‘rainy arch.’

  • Rainbows do not exist.

Technically, this is true. They are an optical phenomenon with no block colours. Each hue blends with the next so there are no colour boundaries.

It’s completely open to interpretation so no 2 people will see the same rainbow.

  • The longest lasting rainbow in history was right here in the UK.

The rainbow was seen over Sheffield for over 6 hours from 9am to 3pm.

This was way back on March 14th 1944.

  • There is no specified distance of a rainbow.

Rainbows are visible at the precise angle freshwater droplets reflect the light which is 42 degrees in the opposite direction of the sun.

That’s what makes the pot of gold so difficult to locate!

  • Sir Isaac Newton was the first to identify 7 colours of the rainbow.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the seven visible colours of the spectrum which together make white light.

Greek poet Homer believed that rainbows were made of a single colour, purple.

  • Rainbows don’t have to be formed in sunlight.

The “moonbow" is a rare lunar rainbow produced by moonlight. Our eyes see it as white even though all colours are faintly present.

A “fogbow” is formed by cloud and fog droplets. They are almost white.

  • It is impossible to have a rainbow at noon.

To create a rainbow, the sunlight must strike a rainbow at exactly 42 degrees.

At midday the sun is higher than 42 degrees so it would not be possible.