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Here at Heat Treats, we love our planet; it gives us with everything we need to survive and thrive, yet we plunder it's resources and disregard it's needs in favour of our own so we must take positive action now and going forward to protect and preserve our provider. 

We're looking for more and more sustainable products to offer and ways to supply them, so that we're doing our bit to look after our earth. 

As well as the usual ways a business can recycle, we already send a large number of products in recyclable packaging and we re-use cardboard and other packing rather than disposing of them and creating more waste. 

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It's our intention this year and into the next decade to increase our use of packaging made from recycled materials that can also be recycled after use. 

We're also excited to introduce The Green Living Collection of blankets and throws into our range, and we hope to add even more similar recycled and upcycled products in the coming months. 

The Green Living Collection utilise reclaimed mixed fibres and upcycled plastic bottles (PET) and turn them into stylish and contemporary textiles for your home. 

They have a fantastic mission and we're proud to support them in their efforts to make a change. 

"Our mission is simple. We believe that living green doesn’t have to be difficult. With small changes we can all do our part towards creating a healthier planet. And if a lot of people do their small part, it begins to make a big difference.

We’ve developed a portfolio of beautiful home products that feel even better than their current counterparts, but also are designed from sustainable source materials that reduce impact on our planets’ resources."

Reclaimed Mixed Fibres Sourcing Process

Did you know that the UK currently generates 350,000 tonnes of textiles that ends up landfill? Textile waste is a growing issue in the today’s era of fast fashion.

We work with suppliers to reduce this impact.

By reclaiming waste yarns from factories and textiles, the fabrics can then be grouped by colour, treated and spun into new mixed fibre yarns.These yarns can then be used to create new products, giving them a second life versus ending up in landfill.

Upcycled Plastic Bottle (P.E.T) Sourcing Process

We believe in working to reduce the amount of waste in the planet. The UK currently uses an estimated 13 billion plastic bottles each year, each of which would take approximately 450 years to decompose.

We buy recycled plastic bottles that could otherwise end up in our rivers and oceans, and convert them into new yarns using eco-friendly processes. These recycled PET yarns can then be used to make beautifully soft throws, rugs and cushions.

Not only does this convert something potentially harmful into something beautiful and useful, it also helps to create a market and industry for better recycling versus allowing single use plastics to end up polluting our planet.

Green Living Collective Brand

Check out the range here and do your bit to encourage change to the way we use our planet.