Keep Cool with a Hot Water Bottle

Us Brits struggle to regulate our body heat when the weather is unpredictable and fluctuates from cold to warm to chilly to hot from one day to the next, so it’s sometimes difficult to prepare, know what to wear, or have things readily available to help us maintain a comfortable temperature.

This is where your trusty hot water bottle (or cold-water bottle) can be a blessing.

It may surprise you to know that a hot water bottle can be just as useful in warmer weather as it is during the colder season.

So, if your hot water bottle is hidden at the back of a cupboard waiting for the temperature to drop, then dig it out and use it keep cool.

It’s simple; just fill your bottle with iced water, ice cubes or crushed ice. The bottle acts in the same way in reverse; instead of releasing warm heat it emits refreshing cold. Contrary to hot water which will gradually cool down, the icy water will eventually warm up until it reaches room temperature.

Some people suggest that you can fill your bottle with cold water sand then place in the freezer to chill further, although it shouldn’t be left for more than 20 minutes otherwise the rubber can become compromised and may rupture. The best plan is to have different bottles for heat filling and cold filling.

You can also use your cold hot water bottle for cooling down your sheets or pillow before you go to bed. If your bottle doesn’t have a cover, wrap it in a tea towel or pillowcase to prevent overexposure to the cold next to your skin.

A cold hot water bottle is also a great way to keep your pets cool and stop them from over-heating. After filling with iced water, place the cold bottle in your pets’ bed or place on or near to their body if they have a favourite spot to sleep in. 

So when the heatwave hits, for however long it lasts, you can be fully prepared with your new found cooling solution - a cold water, hot water bottle! 

Chill out, keep cool & enjoy.