Keep Your Home Warm (Without Heating!)

Posted by Heat Treats HQ on 27th Feb 2024

Keep Your Home Warm (Without Heating!)

You may have already seen our blog, ‘Foods That Keep You Warm,’ but our mission to keep you toasty this winter does not stop there.

Heat Treats has been investigating the top ways you can keep your home warm this winter, without having to crank up that expensive heating!

In addition to using some of our fantastic winter warmers, here are some tips on how to keep the heat in and the cold out of your home this season.

Take Advantage of a Warm Oven

Using the oven becomes much more commonplace in the winter months, as we ditch the salads for a nice slow roast stew and dumplings to warm ourselves through.

It is instinct after taking food out the oven to simply turn it off and close the door, however you may be missing out on some warming possibilities!

Once you’ve finished using your oven, turn it off but leave the oven door open. The warm air inside the stove will circulate around your kitchen and raise the overall temperature of the room.

Please note this should only be done once the oven is off and one shouldn’t turn on the oven simply for this purpose.

Invest in a Quality Rug

As well as being a beautiful accessory to a room, rugs can be extremely efficient in keeping temperatures warm when the weather outside is far from so.

Be sure to pick a rug that is particularly dense in stitch count. Open or woven stitching allows much more air to pass through but tight stitching minimises the circulation of cold air.

Wool is certainly the best material to help combat the cold, however a thick cotton or nylon is a suitable and cheaper alternative.

Get Savvy With Your Hot Water Bottle

One might think that hot water bottles are simply for snuggling up with on a cool evening on the sofa, but if you get savvy with it you can use them for so much more!

Place a couple in your bed an hour or so before sleep time. Be sure to tuck them right under the sheets and tuck the sheets in to the side of the bed to trap all the warm air. By the time you come to bed, it will be ready and warm waiting for you!

We have an amazing range of hot water bottles available here.

Exclude All Drafts

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and that is certainly the case with cold air. Any gap in your house is a sure-fire way to cool it down as cold air can manage to squeeze itself through the tiniest of gaps.

If you are struggling with sealing around your doors and windows but can’t afford replacements, try some cling film. Place cling film around the edges of your windows/ doors and heat with hairdryer to tighten the plastic to the frame to prevent pesky drafts from sneaking in.

Draft excluders are also a great investment. Not only are they practical and efficient, but they can be a great stylish addition to a room. Check out our amazing range here.

Create Your Own DIY Terra Cotta Pot Heater

Using just two terra cotta pots, a candle, a couple of bricks and a screw you can create an ingenious heating device which will warm up your whole room.

Screw a terra cotta pot inside a larger one and place on the top of some bricks just so they are not touching the ground.

Light some candles underneath the pots and the material will conduct hot air all around your room. You can watch a full tutorial here.